Beim kostenlosen Serious Game SpermEx lernt man spielerisch zu verhüten

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Ovos develops serious game about contraception

The Viennese educational games specialist Ovos has developed a new game. In the sex education game SpermEx, players have to combat sperm and bacteria.

von Benjamin Sterbenz

The sperm do everything they can to get to the egg cell – and they are stopped in different ways depending on the method of contraception that is used. But different viruses and bacteria have also hidden themselves among the sperm – and not every method of contraception can stop them. That is a brief description of the content of the iOS and Android game developed by Ovos for the Austrian Society for Family Planning.

The new Spermex app shows young people how contraceptives can prevent pregnancy in a simple way in ten different game levels. In emergencies, the “morning after pill” can also be used. The app includes a glossary that provides more information about the different contraceptives. The app is the latest initiative of the Austrian Society for Family Planning and is intended to improve the level of sexual education among youths. As former president of the society Linemayr-Wagner explained, “Young people today often think they know everything they need to know because they watch pornography, but most know a lot less than they think.”

The app is free for iOS and Android.

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