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viSio wins the futurezone Innovation Award

viSio was created in a student project at HTL 3 Rennweg and is a dome-shaped, volumetric 3D display that can depict three-dimensional content without goggles or other aids. Inside the transparent dome, arms that are fitted with LEDs spin about an axis at different levels.

The rotating LEDs are controlled to “draw” shapes in the air. This technology allows the viewer to walk around the display and view the portrayed objects from all sides. viSio currently has eight rotating arms on eight levels that are fitted with 100 LEDs. This permits a resolution of 32,000 volumetric pixels (voxels).

Custom file format

The students developed a new system to control viSio that converts the output of standard 3D software into a special format that can be interpreted by viSio. The files are saved to a microSD card that can be read by viSio.

This allows the display of a wide range of renderings, from simple still objects to complex animations. Text can also be transmitted to viSio in real time from a tablet using Bluetooth. The inventors think that the display can especially be used for advertising. viSio is to attract the attention of visitors at fairs and events.

New version

viSio currently only displays renderings in one color. The students Maximilian Mali and Sebastian Haushofer are already working on an improved version with a resolution of 1,000,000 voxels and the ability to show 3D animations in color.

The futurezone readers and the jury were impressed by the students’ creative idea and its outstanding implementation, and awarded the project first prize in the futurezone Award. Second place went to Symptoma, a search engine that helps doctors find the right diagnosis for their patients. Third place went to the social media bracelet Conbrace, which allows contact information to be exchanged by contact and by pressing a button.

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