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Pioneers Festival 2015: We blog the start-up-show

On Friday is the second and final day of the Pioneers Festival in Vienna. More than 4,000 participants have gathered in Vienna at one of the most important start-up conferences in Europe. The program is studded with numerous highlights again. In our live futurezone blog we are reporting about new products, unusual ideas, and interesting presentations.

We're (still) blogging for start-ups

By the way, our offer is still open to start-ups. Visit the futurezone booth in the foyer, tell us your story, and we will introduce you on futurezone.at. Dozens of startups have already visited us on Thursday. Because of the high demand our approach will change slightly today. We will be making a start-up gallery of all our visitors and briefly introduced them. Also, they only have maximum five minutes to pitch their start-up.

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