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futurezone Award: zoomsquare wins among start-ups

The high-tech Viennese start-up zoomsquare has set its sights on revolutionizing the search for real estate in Austria using new core technologies and new approaches. Following the motto “The right home for everyone,” the service delivers search results based on the user’s personal preferences. It searches all real estate sites. With innovative features like an exclusive Vienna neighborhood and district search, the display of property locations, and the ability to define a preferred area, zoomsquare sees the current features as just the start .

The idea won over futurezone’s readers and the jury, and the young company took first place in the category of Start-ups powered by Kapsch in this year’s futurezone Award. Second and third places went to the transport service Checkrobin and the advertising start-up Abalo.

The market for real estate search engines is large. Roughly 900,000 people relocate in Austria every year. At any given time, 250,000 people are looking for an apartment in Vienna alone. Searching through ads and real estate portals is often very time consuming. And zoomsquare aims to make this better.

A question of culture

“Innovation is not a question of capital, but a question of culture. Opening a business is a fundamental philosophy. It requires courage, a willingness to accept risks, and commitment,” says Alf Netek, marketing director at Kapsch. The company is again the sponsor of the Start-up Award this year. “Kapsch Group is committed to assuming responsibility and entrepreneurial thinking, so it is the ideal sponsor for the Start-up Award,” Netek said.

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