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mysms: Graz App Cooperating with Evernote

mysms is the

from Austria: The Graz company
, offers a messaging service that can be used through smartphone apps (iPhone, Android and Windows Phone) and a web service. Users have already send more than 300 million messages over the free service. According to CEO Martin Pansy, mysms already has over 500,000 users.

In order to enable users to archive their messages more easily in the future, mysms has entered into a partnership with the Evernote note service. This way, users can save their sent and received messages in a separate Evernote notebook. This of course requires an Evernote account; installation instructions can be found here.

Premium apps
"Our partnership is ideal for anyone who has wanted to find an old message that contains an address, name or telephone number only to realize that the message is on an old phone or is buried among thousands of messages on their current phone," said mysms CEO Martin Pansy. The cooperation arose indirectly though a trip to Silicon Vally under the Go Silicon Valley Initiative of the Austrian Federal Economic Chambers, Martin Pansy said.

Up to Eleven is currently working on new tablet apps (iOS, Android and W8) so that mysms can be used on more devices. These are intended to generate revenue for the company, and will cost between 3 and 5 euros like the Mac application.

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